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Top 10 Unluckiest People Ever Who Ever Lived - Most Unlucky ...

Top 10 Unluckiest People Who Ever Lived 1. John Lyne. Britain’s unluckiest man – Escaped Sixteen Fetal Accidents. John Lyne is known as one of the unluckiest... 2. Jeanne Rogers. Unluckiest woman – She Has Suffered Pretty Much Everything. Jeanne Rogers is clearly one of the... 3. Roy Sullivan. Stuck ...

Ten of the Most Unluckiest People In The World

Frane Selake. Many people consider him the luckiest man in the world, but if you attract near-death events so many times in your life, you may well be called the unluckiest man alive. The humble music teacher’s troubles began in 1962 when he survived a train crash by swimming across a river.

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Tsutomu Yamaguchi – The world’s unluckiest person is Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who was hit by both nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Till date, nuclear bombs have been used on humanity only twice. And this man is the only one known to have experienced both. In Hiroshima bombing, Tsutomu experienced upper body burns and a perforated eardrum.

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After losing four houses to four hurricanes, Melanie Martinez was arguably America’s unluckiest woman. There was Betsy in 1965, Juan in 1985, George in 1998 and Katrina in 2005. Such was the peril of living on a flood plain in Louisiana. But then the school bus driver’s luck changed.

Luckiest Or Unluckiest Man In The World?

The (Un)Luckiest Man. Frane Selak, of Croatia, has a reputation as the world’s luckiest man (or unluckiest, depending on your outlook). He’s said to have survived a train crash, a plane crash, and a car crash—and that’s just the start of his impossible brushes with death! If you’ve grown up on a diet of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, you’ll know that ridiculous and impossible setpieces are just par for the course.

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Top 10 ways Dolphins’ Tua Tagavailoa is the unluckiest man on ...

The top 10 ways Tua Tagovailoa is the unluckiest man on Earth: 1. Houston’s management is lousy, and Deshaun Watson gets creepy (allegedly!) in massage rooms: Only because there happens to be a ...

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We're not saying these are the unluckiest people in history; we realize the world is full of starving children and cancer victims. But sometimes you see people who have weird, one-in-a-million instances of bad luck, often over and over again, and you can't help but wonder if they didn't piss off a Gypsy at some point.

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Here are the reasons why I am the most unlucky person ever. I have bad eyesight. I must where glasses. I have to wear a patch for 2 hours everyday over 1 eye. My parents were divorced before I was born. I'm not allowed to do anything. I can't express my opinions. If I do my mom will tell me to stop being sassy. I like being old fashioned.